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…about your future, your relationships, your health, your finances or the world as a whole

or perhaps

These negative emotional states can ruin your enjoyment of life, as well as
your well-being and relationships- romantic, social and professional.
Happily, Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine now offer
an array of simple yet highly effective tools that will help
you, your family and friends to have more ease, peace, success
and joy in your life.

Many of these techniques have found their way to therapists and doctors as well as families, schools, sports, corporations and they are even helping war veterans with long-term PTSD!
Now you can learn them for yourself.

Discover more at these   FREE Introductory Talks

Dates:                   Wednesday, 21 February 2018 and again on Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Times:                   10.30 – 11.30 a.m.

Location:              ACL Witham, Spinks Lane, Witham CM8 1EP
(opposite Witham Leisure Centre & Maltings Academy)


The talk is FREE but spaces are limited, so please book your place either by clicking the link

For 21 February 2018 – register here:

For 28 February 2018 – register here:

Or send your details (name and the date on which you would like attend)  to
[email protected] or Tel: 0775 – 259 3307 (by SMS please)…

Money, Money, Money…. why is it so tricky???

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What is it that makes money so elusive for so many of us??
Is there a better and easier way?



You’ve heard it before, but here it is again: like everything else, money is an inner game.  The reason it causes so much distress to so many is that we’ve all been brought up, imprinted if you like, with so many conflicting ideas about it.

Get your FREE Money Creation Guide here:

Do you want to change your relationship with money?
Are you ready?

Then jump in:  start making the inner changes to create outer success.
Unleash your money flow:

Wishing you a wonderfully abundant week,
Much Love,
Karin xx


“Forever…… is composed of Nows”

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Emily Dickinson, The Poems of Emily Dickinson


Daisies and Dandelions



When does life start?  What are you waiting for?  When will you be happy?  What has to happen for you to be happy? To be fulfilled?

Most of us play the waiting game.  The “when ….. then…..” game, which is why I chose to use this quote for my post today.  In my years of coaching and working with clients, I’ve noticed this is one of the most frequently encountered obstacles to enjoying life’s abundance and pleasures.  Most of us are so destination focussed, we forget the moment.

Imagine going on holiday and as you’re walking out the door, you say ‘come on then, let’s get this over and done with’.  You know that your actual destination is to come back home, to walk through your front door from the other direction, so why bother going away?  You’re already at your destination!

In a wider sense, though not wishing to be morbid, your ultimate destination in life is ….…

B*Y*Y 3 – continue creating your BEST YEAR YET….

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Are you ready?  Are you ready to continue the creation of your
B*Y*Y 3 is coming …..
We’ve built the foundation, we’ve clarified our thoughts, had some insights and breakthroughs, so let’s build on the momentum to create the life you want and deserve 🙂

Register here:

Bring your notebooks!

Bring your enthusiasm!

Bring your glorious selves!

See you on
Sunday, 12 February at 8 p.m.  

I’m so excited to hear about your successes and progress and to take another great leap forward.

Register here:
Register to get the replay if you can’t be there live…..

and why not invite a few of your friends to join you on your journey –
you’ll have so much more fun if you share and travel together.

Much Love,

Creating your BEST YEAR YET???

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Are you continuing to create your
Are you keeping up your momentum???
Are you applying all that you have learned in B*Y*Y 1 and B*Y*Y 2 ???


So – how are you doing?

How many insights and breakthroughs have you had during this past week?

How many times have you written a new ‘right’ column on your list of
better-feeling thoughts Is it feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

Just how much fun have you had writing your letter to your best friend?

And just how much are you enjoying your new affirmation?
“I love knowing that life is always working out for me”
Doesn’t it feel sooooo goooood?

If none of the above makes any sense, you might want to listen again to the
B*Y*Y 2 virtual workshop
Here’s your link:

Although these webcasts are always referred to as webinars, what we’re doing in
B*Y*Y is really workshopping – only if you follow through, only if you take action
following the coaching and the processes will you effect real change
and progress in your life. …

Just 3 more days ……..

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Just 3 more days to watch this amazing documentary for FREE.

If health and well-being is important to you…. DON’T MISS THIS !!!

It features one of my heroes, Andrew Saul, and so many more.
And to make this just a little bit BETTER………



remember that all my tribe receive 15% Discount from my favourite nutrition companies:

Cytoplan,  – just enter discount code KM15 for your 15% Discount


Nutri, – just call 0800- 043 5777 to open your account and tell them that Karin Cordwell arranged a 15% Discount with Rob, their sales manager.

How does it get any better than that??

Here’s to a splendidly healthy 2017,

Love, Karin

P.S.  Have you signed up for B*Y*Y – your BEST YEAR YET?
Make 2017 count – check out this free Webinar series and make sure you sign up for more.


B*Y*Y … 2017 your BEST YEAR YET

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Are you ready to make 2017 your BEST YEAR YET??


As promised, we’re starting our group on

Friday, 13 January 2017 at 8 pm GMT

Sign up to the webinar now and make it happen. It’s FREE for now, so come along:

What is B*Y*Y ?

A brand new group, an interactive experience, a support and accountability group, a fun and cheerleading group and ….. well, let’s just see what it will grow into, shall we?
This is all about YOU.  So, you will need to actively participate during our live sessions (I’m planning two a month) and do some small assignments, which you’ll get by email. (Replays are available if you can’t make the live sessions).

What B*Y*Y is NOT?
It’s not another webinar to passively listen to and then forget about, carrying on with life as normal.
It is so easy to get enthusiastic during a webinar, a workshop or a retreat and sometimes the changes, the enthusiasm, the new insights and breakthroughs actually last for a while, a few days or maybe even a few weeks.…

Is it YOUR Door???

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What creates the best results?
Sheer Force?
Or is it Awareness?

Is it YOUR Door

Print this picture and stick it on your wall !!!
(Someone recently sent this to me and it so beautifully encompasses a powerful message that I wanted to share it with you).

In so many coaching session, these questions come up:
How much action?
How much pushing?
How long, how hard, how much, with what, with whom….?
Add to the list as you see fit.

It seems the hardest thing to ascertain is when to leap into all out action and when to wait, relax and simply enjoy the ride.

The answer, of course, is always new, different each time and for each situation.  Nonetheless, staying focussed
upon your goals and desires, whilst being aware and relaxed will bring best results.

So, whether it’s a new job, an audition or a new project, pay attention to the signs:
If you’ve made three phone calls in a row and nobody is there…
If you’ve written endless emails with no response…..…

Congratulations to the WINNERS

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CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNERS of my Solstice Birthday competition:

Jade, Katharine and Charlotte


who will each enjoy one full coaching session with me.

If you did not win, remember that I offer free discovery sessions to anyone interested in coaching with me.

Till we speak,

Karin xx




Solstice Birthday Gift to YOU

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I’m sooooo excited ……..   This is only the second time in my life that the Summer Solstice coincides with my birthday on 20th June.

So I’ve decided to celebrate by sharing the joy: I shall gift one FULL COACHING SESSION to THREE lucky winners.


Simply complete the sign-up form on this website and you’ll be entered into the draw.

If you’re already part of the CbK tribe, don’t worry….. simply send me an email to [email protected] with ‘Solstice Baby’ in the subject line and you will be entered into the draw.

and  P L E AS E……….   SHARE this with all YOUR FRIENDS.

Good Luck to all

The lucky winners will be notified by 25th June 2016.

Much love to all,



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