Client Testimonials

“I came across coaching—and Karin—quite by accident. I’m so glad I did. Karin is an exceptional human being. She is remarkably kind, wise, fun and she really does work ‘magic’. My life has been transformed in the few months we have been working together. My relationships—including some very challenging and painful ones—are now frankly delightful. My professional life is back on track, and I have the tools to keep moving towards my vision. In the end, I think this is where the magic of Karin’s work lies: she believes in you, shows you how to get all the things you want, and makes the whole process fun. Working with Karin has been one of the most profound experiences of my life and I will forever be grateful to her.”

L.T., International Civil Servant,
New York, NY, February 2017

“I have just completed another course of 8 sessions with Karin. The effect on me has been quite incredible on so many levels. I am bolder, more confident, more relaxed, more carefree, less up-tight and certainly nicer to live with. But the overriding step I have taken is that I have learnt that it is not a sin to feel joy. This has changed so much for me. I have had a better summer than anyone I know. I feel that energy that was trapped or miss directed in me is now flowing where it should. My life is immeasurably happier and I appear to have nothing to worry about. What freedom.”

Tiggy Walker, Writer and Producer, Author of ‘Unplanned Journey’
UK, October 2016

“I didn’t know if I needed coaching but talking to Karin made it clear that I did and showed me just how much better I could be, and how much happier my life could be. Her insight and support is transformational.”

Caroline Evans, Founder & CEO, Mindleap,
London, UK, August 2016, www.mindleap.co.uk

“I started Coaching with Karin just over a year ago where I was in a very dark space. On antidepressants and not having made any progress through the recommended counselling a friend referred Karin and what a difference she has made to my life. I am no longer on antidepressants and a horrible space. We worked through some incredibly difficult issues but it was very much needed and I felt so comfortable and willing to open up completely with Karin. She held my hand and guided me through. I highly recommend Coaching with Karin and am so grateful for all her help!”

Candice Thurston, Digital Contents Manager,
Milton Keynes, UK, June 2016

“Karin is not only a lovely soul who cares deeply about her clients, but she is also a gifted and powerful coach who has helped me in lots of areas of my life. Karin is incredibly intuitive and has a way of articulating the underlying cause of an issue in a way that helps you understand where you’re going wrong; once you understand what is going wrong you can then begin to change it. She has helped me to see things in new ways and also helped illuminate that which I was unable to see myself. Sometimes you need an objective view into your life and Karin provides this perfectly. Thank you Karin, I can’t wait to do more work with you in 2016.”

Louise Shiels, Sound Healer,
London, UK, January 2016, www.soundawakening.co.uk

“Coaching with Karin has been an amazing experience! When I first signed up with Karin, I had little direction and did not have much confidence in myself. Karin has a brilliant way of making you look at things with a different perspective and gave me so many tips for my business that I never would have thought of on my own. Since having coaching, I feel much more focussed and on track both in my personal life and my career. During our sessions I experienced a real breakthrough and got to the heart of some major blockages. I am now moving towards my goals with more confidence and doing things I didn’t imagine myself doing, such as leading group meditation sessions by myself. Thank you Karin!”

Danielle Galway, Holistic Therapist,
UK, December 2015, www.daniellegalway.com

“Working with Karin is an absolute joy. Her energy is infectious and I’m blown away by the amount I’ve learnt and the progress I’ve made in just a few short weeks. I’ve gone from someone who didn’t have a clue what they wanted to do with their life to suddenly being overwhelmed with ideas and insights about myself and what it is that i need to feel fulfilled. Her practical and personal approach delivers amazing results and I honestly could not recommend coaching with Karin highly enough. She’s changed my life.”

Cris Azorin, Professional Copywriter,
UK, November 2015, www.crisazorin.com

“After only 3 sessions with Karin I saw a massive improvement in my productivity and time management. These are two things I’ve struggled with for years as a self employed silversmith working from home and have been the cause of a lot of stress. Karin’s advice has totally revolutionised my working day. Since then, she has led me, through various techniques to create a very powerful vision for my brand and strong faith that I will actualise it. Karin is basically my spirit guide!!”

Marcia Vidal, London, Silversmith and Jewellery Designer
September 2015, www.marciavidal.co.uk

“I actually do not really have the words to express how wonderful Karin is and how grateful I am to be coaching with her. For years I had heard of life coaching but I didn’t really understand it so never felt sure about doing it. I heard about Karin through word of mouth I thought I would try it. WOW what can I say, the few weeks that I have had coaching have been so transformative. I already have such a deeper understanding of myself, so many useful tools that are helping me get my life to a happier, more abundant and balanced place. I so look forward to my coaching session each week because I know it will be filled with breakthroughs, understanding and life-tool treasures. I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. Karin is an amazing coach, she is so warm, inspiring and lovely. I really feel that the sessions are perfectly tailored to me. I LOVE that Karin uses a combination of intuitive insight and really practical advice. It feels like such a natural organic process. The guided meditations she has done with me have been so transformational – she is so tuned into me and my energy. It is a very sacred and deep healing to be guided so beautifully and safely like this. To have all of that and then to be given such useful insight into the other more practical side of things such a time management – well it is the perfect balance. I also love that I feel this process is co-created, Karin really encourages you to be empowered, to have experiences and discoveries for yourself. She holds you in love, energy and belief, gently unlocking the potential in you. It is really amazing. Our coaching sessions are like a ball of glowing light in my week because I know I will come away feeling so uplifted and inspired for my life. I cannot recommended life coaching with Karin enough.”

Katy Starlight, Healer, MeditationTeacher and Channel
September 2015, www.starlightmeditation.net

“Coaching with Karin has changed my perception about myself and my ability. She is releasing me from myself. Gone is the negativity and lack of confidence. It is replaced by an excitement and a genuine belief in the task I have at hand. She has made me prioritise what I need to do for me. Focussed me on my unique purpose. Indeed, thanks to her help I have just finished my first book “Unplanned Journey”(published September 2015) and completed the first two scripts of a TV drama “Antonia”.

Each session is a revelation. It is always different. While she may have prepared a session, she lets it go where I need it to for that day. She is tuned in and instinctive. Karin does not just work on personal skills. She takes it way further. To a spiritual and cosmic level if you want her to. She is in short, an inspiration. My sessions with her have become as vital to me as my yoga and fitness classes. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Tiggy Walker, Writer and Producer, Author of ‘Unplanned Journey’
UK, August 2015

“Before working with Karin, I felt like I was coasting. I wasn’t being the best I could be and I wasn’t as happy as I wanted to be. Not taking risks and being negative seemed easy places to end up in and I would frequently look in the mirror and not like what I saw. I was unkind to my body, harsh on my mind and frustrated with my career. After the first session with Karin I was buzzing; full of new energy, excitement, homework that I couldn’t wait to tackle and my happiness soared. Then I started to get more and more job offers. The happier I was and the more open I stayed the more work was coming my way. Wow! I couldn’t believe how quickly the work we were doing was having an effect on all aspects of my life. Ultimately, what Karin has helped me see is that I am worthy of the things I desire and that self-belief and kindness can open one up to exciting change and opportunities. It’s been a process of learning to stay open and ready to receive anything big or small that comes my way and reacting to them positively and with excitement. The things that once seemed scary are now thrilling. I’ve let go off pain from my past that was hurting me. I praise my body and thank it for looking after me now. I constantly smile at the little things that I pass in my day. I’m calmer and more grounded. Karin is a magic-maker and she’ll help you fall in love with yourself and that is absolutely invaluable.

Additionally, since starting working with Karin, my earnings have trebled!”

Jessica Carroll, Actor and Voiceover Artist,
London, UK, August 2015

“As an actor I feel privileged having the opportunity to be coached by Karin. ‘Coaching By Karin’ has changed the way I see myself and the world around me – beyond recognition!

Returning to Sydney after eight years in London, I found myself lost, lacking confidence, unmotivated and continually on the verge of tears. I didn’t know how to help myself. I could rationalize how I felt and what I wanted but I couldn’t put these rational thoughts into any form of action, or positive feeling within myself. I found it easier to blame the things around me for the way I felt.

It wasn’t until my first coaching session with Karin that I realised what needed to change was me – and that this change was possible and well within my reach. In a matter of seconds I was won over by Karin’s energy and enthusiasm. She made me feel completely at ease, enabling me to explore in honest detail any aspect of my life: my career, my relationships, my hopes and aspirations.

Simple exercises within our Skype conversations enabled me to change the way I felt and what’s more, maintain that change! Doors started opening around me. Doors started opening within me. I could see opportunities and my potential. I could see and feel myself achieving more than I had ever thought possible.

Karin has an extraordinary gift of intuition. She possesses a vast knowledge of the arts. Even via a computer screen, on the other side of the world, her passion and ability to release and nurture one’s potential is boundless.
I would recommend ‘Coaching By Karin’ to everyone!”

“Some further observations:
Somewhat apprehensive before starting – about revealing too much of myself, but now have total trust and confidence.
By the end of our first session I could already feel the seeds of change start to take root.
Appreciate her honest, positive energy, her intuition and vast experience, her understanding of the arts and understanding of human condition.
Karin is a Coach and a Mentor. Sessions are easy to follow and understand.
Massive change in myself
Coaching has helped me enormously to start to realise my true potential”

Brett Brown, Actor, Sydney, Australia,
August 2014

“Over the last few years I have been having serious concerns about my journey in life, not knowing how to bring some positive changes in my daily living, but most importantly how to reach out for a greater happiness.
I have always been suspicious of people who practise the Life Coaching Profession, especially after a highly unsatisfactory counselling experience I had in the past, which unfortunately brought me to feel even more helpless and alone.
However, I recently felt that preconceptions or disappointments should not have a deterrent impact on my desire for significant changes in my life as well as in myself.

After my first Life Coaching session with Karin, I felt an immediate sense of relief, thank to her ability to make me feel confident about my emotions, as well as not to be afraid or ashamed of my fears and insecurities.
Karin has always paid a great deal of attention to any of my life issues, by effectively understanding their causes and by doing so, she offered me the opportunity to look at my situation from a much brighter and positive angle.

During the time I was having Life Coaching sessions with Karin, I began to remember how beautiful and joyful life can be, if I only opened myself to it and with no fear to take full charge of my Present and my Future, in order to rebuild my life on much stronger foundations.
Now more than ever, thank to Karin’s empathy and analytical approach to my difficulties, I feel much more positive, motivated towards Life and I finally regained trust in myself as well as in my abilities, something that I had almost forgotten to still have in me”.

Angelo Corsi, Artist
London, August 2014

“I recently had the privilege of working with Karin around some relationship challenges I was experiencing. In my mind, Karin is the one to work with if you have problems in, or with a relationship. She is full of wisdom and insight and helped me accurately get in touch with what I really wanted out of a relationship. She seemed to intuitively connect to me and lead me to my own awareness around the issues I was having and how I could best resolve them. She’s kind and patient, and passionate about giving her best to her clients. As a result of working with Karin I feel incredibly empowered around my relationships (and this one in particular) as well as feeling strong and full of knowing.

Karin also coached me with some important decisions around my business which I found invaluable. Consequently, I have great clarity over where my business is heading and the steps I need to take to get there.

Karin is a wonderful person and I highly recommend her as a coach”.

Charlie Sinclair (Nutrition Coach and in-training Eating Psychology Coach)
Reading, UK, August 2014

“I have worked together with Karin as my coach for 3 months now and the changes I feel in my life are indescribable. I find Karin to be grounded with a very sound intuition and a fantastic outlook and energy that make me feel refreshed and optimistic after each session. I admire how constant she is in her demeanour and energy, something that is very important in a coach for me. Over the last weeks the changes in my life have become more and more visible and the speed at which things have started to change has baffled and surprised me in every way. From feeling sad and lonely some of the time, unsure if change is really possible for me to achieve, I actually feel optimistic most of the time. I often find myself in the middle of transformative experiences and have achieved a happiness that is not linked to anything in particular, but keeps drawing great experiences into my life.

I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone to work with Karin as I feel that she has found the perfect balance between constructively challenging my beliefs as well being very supportive, and encouraging me in achieving my goals beyond measure. Karin has an infectious energy and I feel a great sense of trust towards her and a strong dedication on her part. Throughout the last three months, it has felt as if we have been working together in achieving my goals, something that has strengthened my resolve and belief in myself so much that taking spontaneous and inspired action has become part of my daily life. Karin is one of the people that has helped me propel my life forward in a big way and she is a wonderful person to be around. I am more than grateful for this experience. I would never have believed that I would be able to feel so good about myself and my life in such a short space of time”.

Rebecca W., Artist, Berlin, Germany,
July 2014

“I had no idea what coaching could do for me. I wasn’t a powerful Executive, nor a sports star, which I thought were the only people who needed coaches. I am a stay at home mom of 2 little boys! What could a coach do for me?!

After 4 short sessions, Karin had enabled me to make profound changes in my life. Changes with regards to my outlook on life and changes in my behaviour and thought processes towards my marriage, my children and my contribution to the world! Having just finished receiving counselling, I can honestly say that where counselling was supportive with slow personal growth, I found the coaching I received from Karin enabled and empowered me to make active changes and the results were fast and effective. I cannot recommend Karin highly enough, she has been a massive support for me and is a genuine, honest “Guide”. “

“I have had many therapies, however none have had such a profound effect on my life as working with Karin. After every conversation my mind was clear, still and the “fog” had lifted. Working with Karin has helped my soul come out, I am clearer on who I am and what I want from this life. I am much more positive and I have coping skills now that help me get through any challenge. Karin is open, intuitive and easily relates to all situations and I recommend Karin to anyone who will listen!”

Kaylee v.d.W., Mother, Housewife and Entrepreneur,
UK, June 2014

“To Anyone who needs A Coach, Someone to talk to.

Until I first spoke to Karin I thought that a coach was only for some Sports involvement. I was desperately seeking help for my Depression and my very low self-esteem and my lack of self-confidence. I was experiencing so much negativity from my husband, I was ready to walk out when out of nowhere I heard of Karin Cordwell.

After my first amazing talk with Karin I was able to realize that actually the negativity I was experiencing was mostly in me.
Karin made me understand the meaning of the Law of Attraction and that as I began to see things in a positive way, my husband’s and my attitude changed, he slowly began to be nice to myself and my 91 year old mother who lives with us. In turn I felt myself really appreciating a lot of the things he did that I had taken for granted.

I am a 67year old great grandmother who had breast cancer in 2004, a broken leg 2006, a heart attack in 2008. My husband had bladder cancer in 2009, prostate cancer in 2011 and now a knee replacement in 2014. Also I have my 91 year old mother, who is prone to lots of health issues and is living with us.

NOW because I sometimes lose faith with our Doctors and their blasé attitude with health issues, especially towards older people by relating that every illness or complaint they have is, ‘Age Related’, I started purchasing courses online to learn how to get and keep ourselves healthy.

But I found it impossible to begin trying to absorb or concentrate on or even trying to learn anything and this added to my depression.
I had absolutely no confidence that I was able to learn these programmes I’d bought and this to me was a big misuse of money which we do not have a lot of.

It was Karin’s encouragement and wise explanations of why I was feeling so lost and out of control that helped me to start looking at my life in a positive direction.

So thanks to Karin my attitude and the attitude of my family, life has for me, for the first time in 50 years, some very positive aspects to look forward to.

Lots of Love

To a Now very Dear Friend and an Amazing Coach.

Lyn W., Healer and Homemaker
Queensland, Australia

“I was introduced to Karin for some one-to-one coaching and I am so grateful for that opportunity to discuss my energy and release any bad energy that I was experiencing. I was interested to gain an insight into the Law of Attraction and also to see if I could make it work for me. By reframing my mindset with Karin on a number of areas of my life I have had recognisable advances. I can see you reading this and thinking ‘yeah like what?’ Well firstly I had experienced frustration at delays and other people’s frustrations within my business world who were promising things and not delivering. Within a week of this mindswitch I have clients phoning me with new business, one literally five minutes after my call with Karin plus the frustrated clients are simply melting away and not being so concerned. Another area was a close relative’s health and energy. Karin helped me to find a way to understand what was going on and I have since changed my relative’s diet ideas and she is feeling much more energetic and engaged in life, rather than worrying about her health she is more able to cope.

So if you have an opportunity to work with someone on your energy firstly take it, and if it is Karin take it with gratitude with both hands because she is very understanding, friendly and she will change your life. Thank you Karin”

Lewis Morgan, Entrepreneur and author of “The Entity”
UK, May 2014

“A note to say what a positive experience it has been to have five sessions of life coaching with Karin.
I feel that Karin has given me some very useful tools to allow me to improve my sense of worth and well-being and go forwards I life with a more positive and hopeful attitude.
Key tools that Karin introduced me to:
Gratitude journal to be kept
Replacing negative statements with positive ones and repeat them
Visualising positive situations to generate warmth and love towards family members
Tapping to shift unhelpful or unhappy memories and associations
Power move to conjure up feelings of achievement and joy
Repeating positive aspects to focus on and build on good feelings

Key thoughts I shall take away:
Whatever you focus on expands, be it positive or negative.
Communicate with the ones you love
How I react to a situation is a choice, not set in stone
Focus on abundance
Find ways of staying in the moment
Projections just bring worry

I felt Karin came to the sessions with real enthusiasm, energy and thoughtfulness. I trusted that she had the skills and experience to help me. She maintained a professional distance but expressed great kindness and empathy when I described difficult situations or became upset. Her joie de vivre and attitude were contagious and I came away with a real buzz of positive energy, feeling like I had achieved something at the end of each session. She appeared to have an intuitive feel for what would be useful to work on during the session, even if I was procrastinating!

She made it very clear that any progress will entail some effort! That maintaining a positive and calmer attitude to the people and situations around us takes work to become a habit. I was helped to realise it’s almost a form of training your mind to work in a different way. The key tools will be invaluable.

One of the most thought provoking aspects of the life coaching was that I had always reckoned that I had to ‘do something’ to make a situation or relationship different or better. Karin’s approach that was once I began FEELING differently about it, then action would naturally follow. This turned my thinking on its head and has made a big difference to how I proceed now”.

Annabel T, Garden Designer and Horticulturalist,
UK, April 2014

“Life coaching with Karin has definitely helped me in a lot of ways. It’s helped me to appreciate each and every day, which has led to me being happier in life and bringing in positive energy which has helped me to see things clearly in terms of my goals and how I want to achieve them. I’ve also learnt new techniques and methods that have helped me deal with my own insecurities which I use on a daily basis. Overall through this process, I am beginning to find an easier and simpler way of life which is helping me achieve my goals by just changing my perception of life and looking outside my built box”

Joy G-A, Producer / Writer
UK, April 2014