Is it YOUR Door???

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What creates the best results?
Sheer Force?
Or is it Awareness?

Is it YOUR Door

Print this picture and stick it on your wall !!!
(Someone recently sent this to me and it so beautifully encompasses a powerful message that I wanted to share it with you).

In so many coaching session, these questions come up:
How much action?
How much pushing?
How long, how hard, how much, with what, with whom….?
Add to the list as you see fit.

It seems the hardest thing to ascertain is when to leap into all out action and when to wait, relax and simply enjoy the ride.

The answer, of course, is always new, different each time and for each situation.  Nonetheless, staying focussed
upon your goals and desires, whilst being aware and relaxed will bring best results.

So, whether it’s a new job, an audition or a new project, pay attention to the signs:
If you’ve made three phone calls in a row and nobody is there…
If you’ve written endless emails with no response…..
If your internet keeps crashing…..
If you get no signal on your phone….
If someone you love soooo much wants your attention ….
If your heart sinks at the very thought of speaking with ‘that’ person…..

Tea and KitKat optional 🙂

This may NOT be YOUR door or it may be your door, but it’s NOT YOUR TIME.

A subject that deserves more attention in the future;  meanwhile do let me know how this is changing your actions.
What insights has this brought?
What new strategies are you developing?
How will you hone your awareness?

Remember – life is meant to be JOYFUL, so go out and get yourself a hunk of JOY.
Much love,
Karin 🙂

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  1. Rossana says:

    Thanks a lot…Beautiful

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