About Me


The two most important things you’ll want to know about me are:

a) What can I do for you?
b) Am I the right coach for you?

For a) I suggest you check out the testimonials right here on my website, they speak for themselves.

For b) I suggest you book a free discovery session with me and find out if we ‘click’.

You want to know more? Here it goes:
I did not choose to become a coach, coaching chose me. Looking back, it seems obvious: all paths led me to this point, everything I did before was a preparation for this work, which I now so passionately love.

The breakthroughs, changes and improvements my clients achieve in their lives speak for themselves and that is why I love, love, love my work as a coach

Building a successful career in the City of London as a broker at Lloyd’s of London during the ‘yuppie’ years was a blast. Management consultancy was lucrative, running my own business was decidedly challenging, appearances on TV and radio were fun and I loved gathering lots of experience in a variety of fields including fashion, publishing and the hotel business.

Still reading….? Ok, here’s a bit more:
Autonomy, freedom of choice and self-empowerment have always been high priorities and my interest in natural health care started at a young age. Having learned about traditional healing methods, the power of herbs and nutrition, studying further and attaining Diplomas in Applied Kinesiology and Natural Nutrition seemed a natural progression. My interests and studies expanded ever more including Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, numerous spiritual disciplines and native rituals, energy medicine and on and on. All of these naturally flow into my coaching and this is further strengthened and diversified by studies of psychology and diverse approaches to coaching, most especially Law of Attraction and Strategic Intervention coaching.

Family tragedies, near-bankruptcy, living and working in different countries and cultures including England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Qatar and Dubai have all prepared me to empathise and understand the many challenges life can bring.

What else could you possibly want to know? Ah yes, my soulmate showed up quite unexpectedly, turning my life upside down and we have been blissfully married for almost two decades; we plan to stay madly in love and fooling about for another twenty or thirty years before we ‘grow up’ and settle down to the serious stuff in life! We share a passion for the arts: drama, opera, ballet, music, galleries and never seem to get enough of it. Anything else you could possibly want to know, just ask me when we speak.