The Tick outside the Box

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Adventures in Atlantis ….. Seneca

It was this Seneca quote that reminded me of ‘The Tick outside the Box’, a simple yet incredibly powerful coaching technique and I want to share it with you today.

Do this:

a) take a sheet of paper
b) draw a box in the centre of the paper
c) this is your personal comfort zone right now
d) now put a little tick or a cross or a dot just outside of the box*
e) take a ruler and lengthen each side of the box so that the tick is now inside the new box, keeping the proportions of the box as before
f) the new, much larger box now becomes your new comfort zone!

So what?

Every day you make decisions, plan and behave in ways that lie within your comfort zone, whilst at the same time aspiring to a bigger, richer, more adventurous life (insert your own words here).  So you want a promotion, but are too afraid to ask. …

Symbolism and Mythology

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The artwork for this website was created by Angelo Corsi,, whose art is unique and refreshingly different. For this website, he made the vision and colour come to life beautifully.


The Butterfly

Metamorphosis surely does not show up anywhere in nature more profoundly than in the butterfly. For this reason, the butterfly was considered by so many cultures as representing the human soul; Psyche in Greek mythology.

It so totally transforms itself from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, that it not only amazes us all but still totally baffles science. It is thus a most powerful symbol of personal transformation and profound change. The caterpillar cannot fathom a life as a butterfly and it will only be able to experience the thrill of flight and freedom by submitting to complete and radical change, by totally letting go of all it knows and is familiar with.

Thus the butterfly is the symbol of transformation, change, renewal and rebirth, as well as happiness, lightness, playfulness and joy.…


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